Ahmet Arslan was simply born to run. At the age of 14, he started doing athletics at high school and soon discovered he had a natural talent when it came to long-distance. By 2005, he had decided that running was going to be his life and began intensive training for his new discipline. His training was greatly improved after he met former athlete Metin Sazak, who quickly realised Ahmet’s potential and became his coach.

In 2007, he won his first European Mountain Running Championhips and has successfully defended his title every year since. In 2010, he won his first world title when he became the WMRA Grand Prix world champion. The following year he placed second at the 2011 World Mountain Running Championships, coming in just behind the American Max King. In 2012 Ahmet won the Montée du Grand Ballon race in France and in 2014 the Red Bull 400 yet again. He hopes one day to see mountain running become an Olympic sport.